Dance group CROCK 14

The dance group CROCK 14 specialises in Clogging - American step - both in its modern version and in its traditional country format.

CROCK 14 is a frequent guest at international festivals in Europe, above all in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Poland.

As a part of the group’s intercontinental dance tours, visits are regularly made to the United States - the birthplace of clogging  and, in 2006 and 2015, the group made its performances in the southern hemisphere, in Australia to be more precise.


A step show by CROCK 14 will liven up any kind of social, cultural or corporate event, music festival, party, ball and town festivity as well as sports, country and western or even rodeo performances.

For a younger audience we offer a dance program by our Junior Team, as a part of which we are happy to teach you a few simple dances.

An integral part of the group’s repertoire is the Cancan dance, which can combine decadence with art, since both male and female members take part in one of our numbers.

Why choose CROCK 14

- One of the best clogging groups in Europe

- Varied shows, unforgettable experiences

- Its own unique choreography

- Adaptable number of dancers

- Interaction with the audience, involving them in the fun

- No need for external technical support

- Thousands of satisfied spectators

- More than 20 years of experience on the international level


About the Dance Group

The group Crock 14 was founded in 1995 by 14 dancers specialized in clogging and country dancing. Since the very beginning, the group has been lead and trained by its head choreographer, Milada Mikulenková, and more than 90 people have been involved in its performances.

 Over the time, the group has significantly expanded its repertoire - in addition to traditional clogging, country and western dances and cancan, it now offers modern step choreographies based on musically interesting tunes, such as Destiny by Vanessa Mae or Just Call My Name by the group Blackmore's Night.

 A new and equally interesting experience was the group’s cooperation with star violinist Luďek Lerstem in the clogging choreography Victory.

 Thanks to its broad and diverse repertoire CROCK 14 regularly carries out its own full-length theatre performances, where the dancers capitalize on their talent in other disciplines (modern and classical ballet or folk dance) combined with their natural inclination to act as comedians.

 During its more than 15-year-long history the dance group CROCK 14 has successfully presented its rich program at many shows and festivals in the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. CROCK 14 is a regular guest at international events in Europe.

The group members do not only share a love for dance, for hard work during training and for hearing the spectators’ applause of at the end of the show, but are also united by their desire to travel and explore new countries, the people living there and their customs.

Therefore, the group organizes intercontinental dance and discovery trips, during which its members have visited the United States (the cradle of clogging) three times, in 1999, 2002 and 2010. The dance activities on these tours have always culminated with the participation in the prestigious clogging competition of North Carolina where CROCK 14 has reached excellent positions in two categories.

In 2006, the group went as far as to the southern hemisphere, to Australia, where the dancers travelled around for a whole month. They were very well received at performances in Sydney and Canberra but also took part in one of Australia's biggest country music festivals, held near Brisbane in Queensland.