Clogging - or American stepping - is a very attractive dance style for the spectators since it combines dynamic movements with the interesting sound of this technique. The overall impression is enhanced when a large number dancers step in a synchronized way to the rhythm of the accompanying music.

Our clogging repertoire includes:

- Traditional country clogging

Wabash, foto David Holding, foto Crock 14 You all come

- Ball shows

Destiny, foto David Wabash foto Crock 14

- Cabaret

The Tractors Shania UP A Capella

- Step-dancing performances accompanied by violinist Luděk Lerst

Victory Victory     

- Stage performances

Victory Junior team   Wabash Divoké kočky  

Our program can be adapted to any organizer’s needs and be presented either as several short dance numbers or in a few blocks (eg. 3 x 15 minutes).

In Europe, relatively few dance companies are devoted to clogging and CROCK 14 is one of the best ones. In the country where clogging originated, USA, it is considered to be one of the traditional dance disciplines. There it is taught in many dance schools and easily found, but for the European public this technique is often highly appreciated since it is perceived as rare.