Country and Western Show

The dance group CROCK 14 often performs a Country and Western Show – be it the modern or the historical version – at theme events, in a corporate environment or for the general public.


Currently, country dance takes the form of "New Country " - alternatively "modern country dancing” - and is based on modern American country music, expressive dynamic choreographies, tight jeans, short skirts, fringes, sequins and Stetson hats.

In the CROCK 14 repertoire modern country dancing is represented in various forms:

• Modern country as a couple dance

• Country style majorette dance – especially suitable for ceremonial openings of social, sporting or western events

• Line Dance - currently a very popular dance style in American country clubs, but also in Germany and Austria. The simple versions can be explained to the spectators so that they can join the dance.



Traditional country dances present us with the charm of the American West at the end of the 19th century, as known by the public through western movies. They are mainly performed in quadrilles (square dance), long lines or large and small circles.

These dances, of course, require appropriate costumes, so when the members of CROCK 14 make their designs, they take their starting point in historical materials, resulting in their clothes being copies of the fashion actually worn in the American West at the end of the 19th century.